Dirt by Shaun 4kg
Dirt by Shaun 4kg
Dirt by Shaun 4kg

Dirt by Shaun 4kg

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Item: Porpoise Artificial Soil


Shaun's Dirt 

 Sold in 4kg bags made just for our style tanks the prefect amount for our 30cm cube 

keeps P.h low 6.2 on our test tanks for 1 year 

works great for stem plants 

shrimp safe to 

Features & functions:

1. Porpoise Artificial Soil can keep the good water quality and its plentiful minerals can help the growth of fish and water plants.

2. The soil Contains 16 nutrients which are essential & helpful for aquatic plant’s growth, and it is moderate in hardness and enables plants to take root easily.

3. The soil is similar to silica sands in shape, color, and luster, which can set up the same scenic effect.

4. Porpoise Artificial Soil absorb the metabolic residue from aquatic animals and plants, and decompose them by nitrifying bacteria.


1.Artificial Soil is needed to spread all over the bottom  filter board or bottom bed with 4-5 cm height when aquarium is produced scene. The thickness of foreside artificial  soil should be  a little thinner than the back side.

2.Please put a flat plate on the artificial soil first and then pour the water into aquarium upon this plate. In this case, the impulsive force of water can be decreased so that the water won’t be muddy.

3. It is the best time to put the fish into the aquarium after the filter has been operating for 12 hours.

Dirt by Shaun 4kg